The Lago Bay Airstrip

The airstrip that connects Lago Bay and the local community with Panama City and David.


Invest in a hangar at Lago Bay

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Fly at Lago Bay

Do you have experience with flight logistics or aviation? Are you looking for a lifestyle change? Largo Bay is currently looking for professionals to join our airstrip project.

If you are an experienced pilot who wants to become part of the Lago Bay community and our growing tourism demand, join our project to connect Lago Bay, Coiba and Santa Catalina with the rest of Panama.

For more information about the airstrip, contact us via the contact form, social media or via WhatsApp.

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 WhatsApp of Brett (Developer): +507 6949 - 1771 


  • The airstrip has a runway of slightly under 3,000 feet (ca. 915 meters)

  • It can cater to planes that can carry up to 10 passengers

  • The airstrip has passed the required Environmental Impact Study

  • The airstrip awaits official recognition by authorities (expected 2021)

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It takes a five to seven hour bus ride to get from Panama City to Santa Catalina. With the airstrip, this would be reduced to roughly one hour.

The Construction

To construct the airstrip, it took some heavy equipment.

It took a few months to build the airstrip. We brought in excavators, road rollers, bulldozers, backhoes, and dump trucks to build today's 3.000 feet airstrip.

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The Environmental Impact Study

The hardest part was to pass the environmental impact study as Lago Bay houses various exotic birds, reptiles and other species. With this out of the way, the official recognition and certification of authorities is only a matter of time.

The airstrip today

Having passed the environmental impact study, the official recognition and certification of authorities is only a matter of time. We await certification by the end of 2021.

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