B Y  C A R  

Santiago to Lago Bay - (1.5 hours - 97 kilometers)

In Santiago on the InterAmerican Highway, between Cochez and McDonalds, there is a Delta gas station that has it's lot in the form of a triangle.  This is the main intersection of the town with the InterAmerican Highway going East to West and Ave. Central going to the South. Go South on Ave. Central. Towards the end of Ave. Central (about 3 kilometers) you'll see the main Church. Continue just to the left of the Main Church until you pass it. Just after the Church, take a right (you'll see a sign to Santa Catalina). Go down 2 blocks and look for another sign that indicates the way to Hotel Santa Catalina (take a left). You should be heading down hill on the Highway to Sona.

Santiago to Sona - (45 minutes - 55 kilometers)

After the ‘Welcome to Sona’ sign, but before actually entering the town (just after a large bridge), you’ll come to another Delta gas station. Take a left just after the Delta. This is the ‘Road to St. Catalina’. There will be multiple Hotel signs to help.

Catalina Road’ to the next turn - (45 minutes - 55 kilometers)

You will come up to a very visible posted St. Catalina sign where you will take a left.

Turn off to Lago Bay - (15 minutes)

You’ll pass the very small posted towns of Tigre Amarillo and Farfan. Tigre Amarillo is the town in which you'll immediately pass when taking the left. Farfan is just 5 kilometers (ten minutes) down the road. You'll know that you are passing Farfan when you go over two speed bumps (1 kilometer apart). After the second speed bump, the entrance to Lago Bay is 2 kilometers along the same road. You'll see the sign on the left after a series of three hills. Take the left on to the dirt road for 500 meters (500 yards). You will come to the Lago Bay gate. Tap the horn or give a yell. We should be close.

  B Y  B U S  

From Panama City to Santiago- From Albrook Bus Terminal to Santiago - ($9 for the ticket, 250 km, 4 hours of travel time)

From Santiago to Sona - ($3 for the ticket, 50 km, 1.5 hours of travel time)

From Sona to Lago Bay - ($4 for the ticket, 50 km 2 hours of travel time)

After leaving Sona, inform the bus driver that you want to go to Lago Bay.

After almost 2 hours of travel time, you'll go over the only two speed bumps on the entire trip.

Lago Bay is 2 kilometers after the second speed bump on the left-hand side of the road.

You'll see the sign. From the sign walk 500 meters along the dirt road entrance until you come to the Lago Bay gate.