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A beer and a conversation at Chano's Point : Surfing in Santa Catalina

We stopped in for a quick beer and stayed to hear a little about Chano's experience. Chano is a highly skilled surfer that came to Santa Catalina in 1997. Originally from Venezuela, he fell in love with the waves of the area and decided to stay. Being an excellent chef, Chano established Chano's Point near 'The Point' to have a short walk every time a good swell was on the way.

Chano's Point - Surfing in Santa Catalina

Surfing in Coiba

In this video, Chano talks about some of the waves found around the islands of Coiba. Everyone knows about surfing in Santa Catalina but very few surfers make the effort for surfing expeditions to Coiba. The dedicated and few, however, are always impressed. Diving and snorkel tours, of course, are the major draw to the island park. Surfing however is also an excellent.

Surfing in Santa Catalina

Chano describes waves of 10, 12 and 15 feet. These are measured from the 'back' of the wave; Hawaiian style. In other words, triple that number and that is what you see from the front. The height of the wave at Santa Catalina, however, isn't adequate to describe the power. The waves at The Point are known mostly for the 'full power'. As Italo described in a former video, the power is the 'magic'.

Chano's Point Restaurant

Chano has been a resident of Santa Catalina now for 26 years. He has established himself as a premiere chef. Chano's Point specializes in seafood, especially lobster. Chano works with different tropical fruits and sauces to create and combine extraordinary seafood dishes. The food presentation is always equal to the spectacular array of spices and tastes in each dish.

Stop in for an elegant dinner, or at least a glass of wine or cold beer to say hi to Chano at Chano's Point.


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