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Iguanito Restaurant - Recommended Dining in Santa Catalina

Iguanito Restaurant Dining in Santa Catalina

An excellent dinner at Iguanito Restaurant:

Dining in Santa Catalina

Santa Catalina has an amazing variety and quality when it comes to international restaurants. Because Santa Catalina has attracted residents from all over the globe, the cuisine is a good reflection of the different backgrounds and tastes of the many chefs in the village. Iguanito Restaurant is a good example. Juan from Spain and his wife Chris from France are an amazing couple. Food, cocktails and ambiance represent fusion and creativity at its best.

Interview with Chef Juan and Chris

In this video Chef Juan shares some of his culinary strategies and views that help make the food at Iguanito's so dynamic. Chris goes into detail about some of the cocktail creations and why the different ingredients and concoctions are special for their guests. They certainly make a great team.

Top Recommendation for food and drink versatility

For an overall superior dining experience, Iguanito gets a Top Recommendation for food and cocktail versatility. Iguanito Restaurant at Hotel Iguanitos helps make Santa Catalina a special choice for evening dining.

Iguanito Restaurant Dining in Santa Catalina

See them on Instagram at hoteliguanito:

Iguanito Restaurant - Dining in Santa Catalina

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