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Our Projects

Lago Bay is full of opportunities.


Coconut Oil

Currently, there are close to 7,000 mature coconut trees at Lago Bay.

This model is year round. Presently there is a coconut cold press and a centrifuge at Lago Bay that are of high quality, These American-made machines are looking for an owner/operator.. A trailer specifically designed for coconuts, a guillotine and several hand extractors have also been invested in to launch a production line. Lago Bay needs a machinist to partner up for speciality oil production. Oil production can include avocado, Moringa, citronella and neem oils. All of which grow in abundance here at Lago Bay.


Moringa is an extremely nutrient-dense and multi-use tree that is often referred to as a super food. 

At Lago Bay we have planted this easy to grow 'wonder' creatively in order to integrate permaculture ideas within a residential community.


Near the entrance of Lago Bay is a labyrinth made with shaped moringa trees and flowers that makes for a beautiful garden. Many of the fences or boundary markers of the project have moringa. Because moringa is best when pruned and shaped, it is great for a variety of locations that would otherwise obstruct views. The frequent pruning is synonymous with harvest time.

aquaculture LB2017.JPG


Aquaculture is the farming of fish, shellfish and aquatic plants. Aquaculture can involve both freshwater and saltwater populations that are cultivated under controlled conditions.

​At Lago Bay, we've organized six large pools for aquaculture. Two tanks (60m x 30m) and four tanks (60m x 30m) all have a depth of approximately 2m with drainage on the back end. The idea is to create a poly-culture of fish and shrimp.

Although Panama is a country rich with fish seafood, supply and demand are already being tested. Shrimping is seasonal; which leaves a supply void for more than half of the year. Fishing has also decreased while export and local demand have increased, creating rising prices.

Currently, I am seeking an experienced Aquaculturalist to join as co-owner/ operator of the aquaculture project.  


Lago Bay has a sister farm in the Santa Fe mountains with approximately 12,000 Arabic plants.

The most advanced model to date is the coffee model. Management and production expansion are currently needed.

Vol moringa.jpg


An opportunity of a lifetime.

We occasionally accept volunteers at Lago Bay and our coffee farm in Santa Fe. Please contact us via Workaway or WhatsApp.


The Lago Bay volunteer program creates an exchange for an integrated local cultural experience. The work program can consist of several activities such as field work, digital marketing and construction, all depending on your skillset.

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