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Fly to Lago Bay

Finally. We at Lago Bay began the airstrip project in 2008. With a few setbacks and crisis, the final certification wasn't realized until 2023.

Most people that dive in Coiba or surf in Santa Catalina will make the journey via 7 or 8 hours in car from Panama City. Plenty of travelers come over the Continental Divide for the 8 hour trek from Bocas del Toro. The Lago Bay Airstrip is a game changer. The 45 minute time warp to get you all of the way to the end of the road....the Lost Coast...the Best Wave! From the buckle up moment in the charter flight to stretching out in your hammock at the end of the day diving or surfing...there is finally that wonderful option of....skipping the drive!!!!


Fly from Albrook to Lago Bay?  Continue on to Bocas?  Find out which Charter option is best for your group.

The best Diving and Surfing in Central America. Unique recreation for family and friends along their Panama journey.

The drive from Panama City to Lago Bay is approximately 6 hours.  A chartered plane takes about 45 minutes. 

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