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Tropical Sounds Studio @ Hibiscus Gardens

Lago Bay visits Tropical Sounds for an audio mix.

Tropical Sounds Studio - Hibiscus Gardens

In this video blog we introduce our neighbor, Clemente, that owns and operates the Tropical Sounds Studio. Located at Hibiscus Gardens, Clemente keeps his presence in the hotel but his soul is up in the studio.

Like a alchemist he's up in his laboratory mixing and combing sound ingredients to make his audio magic. In this video, we are playing around with a track for Lago Bay. We combine some scratchy vocals with some blues-influenced rock-n-roll and come out with some toe tapping hooch.

Got to mix it up every now and then. Have a light-hearted listen and see if one foot...or maybe two start making a move.

Saludos Lago Bay! @ Tropical Sounds Studio - Hibiscus Gardens


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