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Kayak to Isla Santa Catalina

Rent a Kayak from Hostal Rolo. Visit the charming island, Isla Santa Catalina

Isla Santa Catalina

Isla Santa Catalina is found directly in front of Playa Santa Catalina. Also known as the 'boat beach', Playa Santa Catalina is where you embark for your Coiba Tour. If you follow the main's at the end of the road (see map below). Isla Santa Catalina has a nice white sand beach and plenty of sun and/or shade depending on your tanning ambitions. It's a nice place to plan a beach excursion where you can often times have the beach all to yourselves.

Rolo's Kayak

The Kayaks are designed for two. They are easy to steer for beginners and come with a life jacket if you want that extra security (recommended). There is also two dry storage compartments in the kayak that is perfect for storing your gear. If you pack correctly, you can also get some nice picnic supplies in there. Taking a small cooler would not present a problem if you want to make a complete spread while on the island.

Kayak rental price

Rolo rents his Kayaks for $15 per person for the day. Amir in the video explains that it is per use. When you've had enough and are ready to turn the Kayak back in...that's the use. Sun up to sun down if you are really having an enthusiastic day. If so...I recommend that you use that dry storage compartment.

Location.... location

Rolo has the perfect location for a kayak rental because you're dealing with all sand. Rocks can present a problem during low tide for launching out...or coming back. With the beach location, you're all set. If Isla Santa Catalina is your goal...Hostal Rolo's is the closest point.

If you want a challenge, going East (left) gets you to the waves (and rocks depending on tides). Going along the shore to the West (right) will take you on a stretch of coast that is amazing...but can really wear you out.

The Lago Bay recommendation for the light-hearted kayaker (is that a word?) to head straight over to the island and pack accordingly.

Saludos from Lago Bay!


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The drive from Panama City to Lago Bay is approximately 6 hours.  A chartered plane takes about 45 minutes. 

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