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Oasis Beach Bar - Activities Santa Catalina

One of Lago Bay's Top Recommendations

Oasis Beach Bar - Activities in Santa Catalina

For your activities in Santa Catalina, a primary stop is the Oasis Beach Bar right in front of the Estero Beach surf break. At Estero Beach there are several hotels, when you cross the small river, however, you are in Oasis territory. Oasis Hotel has the longest stretch of Estero Beach where the surf break is celebrated every high tide. You can see the beginning and intermediate surfers migrating back and forth from the area according to the waves.

Set in the center of the beach is the excellent Oasis Beach Bar. A full bar that also has shakes, sodas and snacks for the entire family. Excellent meals are also available although sometimes you'll have to order and pay at the Oasis restaurant (just behind the bar). Your Beach Bar server can usually help out.

There is a menu board with daily specials. Plenty of tables and chairs. There are also restrooms and customer parking (see note of caution below). If you have kids that would like to rent surf boards and/or take's a good excuse to order one of your favorite beverages, sit back and enjoy the show. Estero Beach is the most recommended beach for your 'beach day'.

Activities at the bar are seasonal and based on weather conditions. In the video, David, is talking about the following dry season activities:

Monday - Movie Night (under the stars)

Wednesday - Salsa Dancing Night and Karaoke

Friday - Sunset Cocktail with DJ

Saturday - the Oasis Beach Bar Party

Playing in the waves, building sand castles, throwing a Frisbee or just passing out on a beach towel are all activities that get honorable mentions.

Oasis Beach Bar is a Lago Bay recommendation for Activities in Santa Catalina
A view of Estero Beach from Mama Ines.

Santa Catalina Activities - Oasis Beach Bar:

Whatever your beach activity, put Estero Beach on the itinerary and check in with David at the Oasis Beach Bar.

Saludos from Lago Bay!

Oasis Beach Bar is a Lago Bay recommendation for Santa Catalina Acitivities
Estero Beach. The beach break of Santa Catalina.

Notes of caution:

The Oasis Beach Bar is on the far side of a small river. This little river during low or mid tide can easily and quickly become a large river during high tide. Every year or so there is a vehicle that gets stuck then swept out to sea. Please don't count yourself among these few. If you don't want to calculate the tide...just park on the town side of the river.

Also be mindful of rip tides. Usually the water is fine, but there are days in which the current can be strong. Just ask a staff member at the Oasis Beach Bar, take their advice...and... enjoy!


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