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Surf Board Rentals at Estero Beach

Estero Beach

Estero Beach (Playa Estero) is the best place to practice your surfing skills. The waves are much more gentle than The Point and if you have to take a crash, it's much better on sand than on rocks. If you're with a group, there is plenty of room for both surf enthusiasts and beach combers.

Surf Board Rentals at Estero Beach

Two highly recommended Hotels to rent your surf boards at Estero Beach are Mama Ines and Oasis. Both have good food and drink available. Both have outdoor showers to rinse off after your surfing experience. Oasis has a long stretch of beach with their Oasis Beach Bar right in the middle of Estero Beach. Mama Ines is set on the close side of the river with their restaurant overlooking Estero Beach with a beautiful panorama view. Both rent surf boards.

The following video shows a quick surf board rental at Mama Ines


There is only one crossroad in Santa Catalina. It is in the form of a 'T'. Going straight takes you to the 'Boat Beach' of Santa Catalina or simply Santa Catalina Beach. Taking the left at the crossroad gets you down to Estero Beach. From that left, Mama Ines is 1.6 kilometers (1 mile) down the road. Just after the last speed bump you'll start to make a decent and you'll see Mama Ines on the right-hand side. If you continue, you'll quickly come to a dead end where you'll see cars parked to the left of the road. There is also a small parking lot to the left. For Oasis, we recommend that you park here and walk across the water. Just on the other side you'll find the Oasis Hotel.

Prices to Rent Surf Boards at Estero Beach

When it comes to surf board rentals, the larger foam boards are best for beginners. The cost is $10 per half day and $15 for a full day. If you want to hone your skills on a harder board you can find different styles for $15 for a half day and $20 for a full day. Ask the staff at either location if you would like to hire an instructor for lessons. There are several good options in town to give personalized surf lessons.

Saludos from Lago Bay!


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